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Russia export data providing authentic market research

The largest country in world is Russia and the sixth Richest as well, it is in to Imports & Exports both the major products of Imports are Cars, Computers, Packaged Medicaments, Electronic equipment, Plastics, Fertilizers etc.
The major countries from where Russia is importing areā€¦China, Germany, USA, Italy, Japan, France, South Korea, Poland & Belarus.
During the recent developments the imports of Russia has fallen to 27.9 from USA, The drop comes amid sanctions between Russia and the U.S. In 2014, Washington imposed economic restrictions on Moscow due its interference in eastern Ukraine.

In February, Russians spent 50.1 percent of their earnings on food products, including alcohol and tobacco, according to the study by the Institute of Social Analysis and Forecasting Institute at the Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

Russia was a Major Import Importer of Pork meat apart from Japan before sanctions but in recent times the Russian farmers have started home breeding and now the output has become so enormous that they are supplying to neighbors. The imports have plunged to 80%.
Russia and Iran are now ready to sign a trade a treaty where Iran will supply food items such as Pistachio Nuts, Dates & Grapes and other vegetable items. Russia is trying to replace Turky as supplier in light of the deteriorating political relations between the two countries.

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