Indian Import Export Data – Important Components

Data about imports and exports in India can be a key knowledgebase for overseas trading. There are number of online data agencies are operating here. These agencies cater data related needs of business organizations. They collect, manage, and store a wide range of business statistics including imports and exports, and make the requested documents available on the Internet in return of money. These agencies have well-managed online portals where you can download records in different formats as per your business needs.
A comprehensive import and export knowledgebase contains a wide array of statistics. Some of its major components are:

• Product Details: It is one of the most vital information of Indian Import Export Data. It includes details about type of product, packing size, price per unit, and total consignment cost.
• Port Details: It includes details of ports used for shipping and receiving goods. This helps overseas traders to know about new ports to dispatch their consignments from best available root.
• Manufacturer Details: This detail includes information product manufactures. It will help you to know about the complete addresses and contact numbers of manufactures and details of their manufacturing units.
• Shipping Details: It includes details of shipping consignments, such as opted routes, date and time of dispatching and receiving goods, details of transportation, and cost involved in delivery.
• Custom Duty Charges: It is another key component of Import Export Data. When you ship a consignment to another country, you must need to pay custom duty charges. This information will help you to get an approximate estimate of custom charges for your consignment.


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