What are the Most Relevant Components of Import and Export Data India

For overseas trading, import and export data can be a useful knowledge base understand the current trends and future aspect of the market. There are many online data companies who provide complete shipping statistics of India. They track shipping information of goods at Indian ports. Generally, these online data agencies stores information in tables that can have hundreds of columns and thousands of rows. It may be possible that all of them might not be important for you. Therefore, you need to understand which components are useful for your business. The most relevant components of import and export data are listed below.

Manufacturer, Sender, and Receiver Details

It helps you to know about the actual manufacture of the product. The information includes address, contact numbers, contact email, and website address of the manufacture. It will help you to get in touch with manufacture. In addition, complete contact information of sender and receiver of the consignments will help you to get in touch with them whenever required.

Shipping Details

It includes details about the shipping company involved in transporting consignment. The information contains complete contact address of the agency. If you want to ship your consignment, this information can be really helpful for you. You can immediately contact with the shipping agency.

Custom Duty Charges

For each consignment, business companies need to pay custom duty charges.Therefore, information about customer duty charges will help you to make an expected estimate of custom charges that you need to pay for your consignment.

Port Details

India has a long coastline with hundreds of ports alongside. These ports play an important role in overseas trading in India. By getting information about these ports, available facilities, and contact authority, you can find feasible ports shipping your consignments.

Product Cost and Consignment Size

Cost of product and size of consignment are also critical components of Export Import Data India. It will help you to know about the product’s market cost and to optimize the size of consignment according to demand.

These are the most vital components of Import Export Data. However, these are based on general business requirements, and they may change for specific business needs.


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