Overview of Indian Import and Export Market – An Emerging Market

In the past few years, the demand of Indian products has been increased in the international market at a very rapid pace. Now, goods manufactured by Indian traders are known for their quality, durability, low price. In addition, with the increasing economy, the country also imports a large amount of merchandise from all over the world. These circumstances have made the country a target destination for several international business organizations.
The country exports a wide range of goods around the world. In 2014, India shipped huge amount of goods cost more than US$315 billion to the international market. The total exports was increased more than 44 percent since 2010. The top shipped items were oil, gems and precious metals, vehicles, machines, organic chemicals, cereals, and iron and steels. The country shipped goods more than $42 billion cost that was around 13 percent of overall exports. The fastest growing exports were nickel, fur skins and artificial fur, arms and ammunition, wood pulp, aircraft and spacecraft and milling products.
The country has also imported products cost more than US$460 in 2014. The total import was increased more than 30 percent since 2010. The top trade in products were oils, gems, electronic equipment, metals and coins, iron and steel, plastics, and ores. The United States was the biggest exporter to the country and provided more than 4.5 percent of total imports. Some fastest growing products were arms and ammunitions, clothing, meat, seed oil, leather products, coffee, tea, spices, and alcoholic beverages.

To get the detailed information about the market, you need complete Import Export Data India of the past decade. There are many sources available that can provide you such kind of information either for free or at nominal charges. You can contact with the custom authority offices to get the required business statics. You can also take help of secondary sources, such as online data service providers to get the Export Import Data India. Some service providers charge nominal fees for their services whereas many provide free of cost. These providers host voluminous business statistics on the Web. You can download the required information through the Internet.


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