Russia Import Export Data – A Way to Explain the Russian Markets

Russia is the largest nation in the world. It covers approximately more than one-eighth of the earth’s total populated land. In population, Russia stands ninth in the world. It has around 144 million people in 2015. In 2014, the country’s economy stands ninth by GDP and sixth by its purchasing power. The nation has widespread energy and mineral resources. It is also one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas in the world.
Russia is also the sixth richest country and seventeenth biggest importer in the world. It has a huge open market and immense opportunities for global business companies. Top five imports of the country are machineries, vehicles, electronic stuffs, pharmaceuticals, and plastics. Apart from these stuffs, fastest growing imported products are silk, nickel, cutlery, wood pulp, honey, dairy, and egg.

Russia was also the world’s eighth biggest exporter last year. Top exported items are oil, iron and steel, gems and precious metals, fertilizers, and machines. Some of the fastest growing exports are silk, knitted and crocheted fabrics, woven fabric, and footwear.

Now, Russia is one of the favorite destinations for many global market leaders. The nation has eminent resources and favorable business conditions that are the major factors contributing to the strong economy of the nation. In addition, its economy is growing stronger every day.

Are you planning to enter the Russian markets but unaware from current trends? If yes, you just need to get Russia Import Export Data report. It is one of the most accurate and effective tools to know about the current market trends for your industry. It reflects a true picture about a country’s economy.

To get a deeper knowledge of the market trends in Russia, you need complete information about the dispatched and received products. Getting a strategic export and Russia Import Data is not a big job. You need not collect and manage all statistics by yourself. Some data agencies collect and manage shipment data of several countries around the world. They can provide you complete Russia Import Export Data over the Internet. These firms offer Russia Export Data into different formats, such as excel and csv files.


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