China Import and Export Industry – Immense Business Opportunities

China has the fastest growing economy with the highest population in the world. The country imports and exports huge amount of merchandise every year. The country has completed more than 1 trillion USD import and export business in the quarter of the year. The foreign trade in China has increased more than 25 percent from the last year. According to experts, foreign trade in China will continue to improve in coming years.

For global trading companies, import and export industry in China has immense opportunities. Being one of the largest economies in the world, China is the world’s second largest importer. The top imported items in China are electronic equipment, oil, ores, medicines, cereals, dairy products, sugar, meat, and sea food.

Apart from his high import capacity, China is also a big exporter. In 2013, China was the biggest exporter across the world. The top exported items in China are electronic equipment, clothing and accessories, furniture, medical apparatus, iron and steel, and footwear. According to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) reports, in 2013, China’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 13.374 trillion USD. The total export of the country accounted 2.2 trillion USD, more than 16 percent of country’s total GDP.

With its fast growing economy and high import and export capacity, China is a good destination for global trading. To have the deep understanding about the country’s economy, you can analyze import and export data. To get the complete China import and export data, you can hire a data agency.

Many data agencies are operating across the globe. They can offer you complete data about import and export in China. This data will include address details of firms engaged in the business operations, cost and details of product, size of consignments, and shipping date, mode of transportation, and various other useful details.

To find a reliable agency for China Import Data, you can search on the Internet. Many service providers offer you required data on their websites. You can download China Export Data or import data in the required format. With this data, you can generate various reports that can provide you valuable business insights.


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